Department Accreditation

In 2015, the North Kingstown Police Department was recognized as an accredited police agency. Accreditation is a process of review that law enforcement organizations participate in to demonstrate their ability to meet over 200 predetermined criteria and standards. To be awarded accreditation is the formal recognition that an agency has met specific requirements and prescribed industry best practices. The program of accreditation within the state of Rhode Island was developed by the Rhode Island Police Accreditation Commission, RIPAC who collaborates with industry experts to ensure that quality, professionalism, and accountability is maintained throughout all aspects of an accredited organization. On a three-year reevaluation cycle, an accredited agency will have to actively maintain these standards of performance and submit to the comprehensive review again to maintain their accreditation status.

Department General Orders and Forms

For more information, contact the North Kingstown Police Department during regular business hours.

  1. Eli Mulligan

    Acting Administrative Captain
    Phone: 401-294-3316, ext. 8226