Prosecutions Bureau

Prosecutions Bureau prepares court cases for the Attorney General, all felony crimes and related misdemeanors brought by the North Kingstown Police Department. Assistance is also given to the Attorney General when certain felony cases are presented to a Grand Jury. Misdemeanor criminal cases are presented and adjudicated at the District Court, Third Division. The Bureau also prosecutes traffic matters in the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal and/or the North Kingstown Municipal Court.


The Prosecution Bureau is responsible for case file management which includes composition and signing of arrest warrants, maintaining an up to date court calendar, and felony screening calendar.


Special services include preparation and mailing of discovery packages to the public defender and defense attorneys, the scheduling of police officers for testimony at all hearings, trials, violation hearings, and the expungement of criminal charge files upon legal notice of the courts.


The Prosecution Bureau is staffed by a Detective Sergeant and an Administrative Secretary.