Detective Division

The North Kingstown Police Department’s Investigation Division is an eleven-member Division comprised of a Commanding Officer, holding the rank of Detective Captain, a Detective Lieutenant, Detective Sergeant, five Detectives, a School Resource Officer and two Secretaries.

The primary mission of the Detective Division is to solve and successfully prosecute all major crimes occurring within the Town of North Kingstown.

In addition to conducting criminal investigations, the members of the Detectives Division have other duties to provide services to the residents of North Kingstown.  Those other duties are:

General Investigations – All of our Detectives are engaged in this role.  The focus is to investigate major crimes involving adult and juvenile offenders as well as collaborating with the Operations Division.

Youth Services Bureau - The focus is handling juvenile matters such as Status, Wayward, and Delinquent offenses as well as disobedient issues.  The Detectives will work with parents/legal guardian(s) for a rehabilitative resolution; whether in the police station or Family Court.

Elderly Affairs Bureau – The focus is handling matters involving crimes against the elderly and self-neglect.  Focus is on coordinating services for those in need by working with other town and state Elderly Affairs agencies.

Sex Offender Bureau - The focus is registering and maintaining accurate records at state and local levels for all sex offenders required to register under Rhode Island General Laws.

Narcotics Investigations – The focus is to detect, investigate, infiltrate and prosecute the use and sale of illegal narcotics within the town of North Kingstown.  This Detective is assigned to the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on a part time basis.

Computer Crimes – The focus is to investigate computer crimes.  This Detective is also assigned to the Rhode Island Internet Crimes Task Force through the RI State Police.

Bureau of Criminal Investigation - All of our Detectives are qualified to process crime scenes by locating, documenting, collecting and seizing forensic evidence.

School Resource Officer – A Patrol Officer assigned to the North Kingstown High School on a full time basis.  The focus is to ensure the safety of the students, faculty and staff, work with school officials in dealing with criminal activity, and foster positive student and police relations.