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          It’s not every day that you get to meet a real-life superhero, especially in the quaint and beautiful part of New England that is Rhode Island, but one business’s recent move to 6188 Post Road has allowed North Kingstown to play headquarters to just that. A superhero.  

Her name is Ashley Richer, of Ashley Richer Photography. And her superpower? Well, it would be easy to give the shorAshley photo samples 1t answer and say photography, but it’s more than that. Beyond Ashley’s well-developed eye, honed over a lifetime of photography and passed down by her grandfather, Ashley doesn’t only capture moments with her camera, she captures hope.

Having initially attended college in pursuit of becoming a special education teacher, Ashley found herself a natural at teaching with a passion for working with kids. It wasn’t until she decided to pursue photography as a career that she started to discover the breadth and level of her grandfather’s photography work.

“I didn’t know where [my passion for film] could have stemmed from. It wasn’t until I started to pursue [photography] as a career that I found out that my grandfather took pictures and was a great photographer.”

What’s perhaps most inspiring is the way Ashley’s been able to combine her major passions into a thriving and successful business that isn’t only meaningful to her, but to those around her. Ashley Richer Photography, wAshley Photo Samples 3hile new to North Kingstown, is rapidly approaching its 10-year anniversary this October.

It’s this experience which contributes to Ashley’s seemingly endless ability to do it all behind the camera including photographing weddings and engagements, family photos, baby pictures, senior portraits, holiday shoots, and even model shoots! And with such a wonderful disposition and ability to work with others most find themselves coming back year after year, developing a unique bond and trust with Ashley. With an incredible assortment of backdrops and a disposition to make the best of any situation, it’s easy to see why.

But Ashley really donned her cape back in 2017 when she began volunteering her time to offer Magical Wish Photography Sessions for those battling cancer or struggling with some other life-threatening illness. 

Ashley realized that for the kids going through these journeys, along with their parents she could “truly create magic,” and so that’s what she decided to do.

From HaAshley photo samples 2rry Potter to Marvel, to Ariel to Aladdin or whatever other superhero or universe is a child’s favorite, these photo shoots are nothing short of magical. Perhaps that’s because Ashley has become adept at capturing something far greater from behind her camera lens – hope.

This has proven to be a gift, not only for the over thirty children Ashley has helped to realize their fantasies, but also for the parents soldiering on behind the scenes. It’s amazing to consider the number of lives Ashley and her past collaborations with nonprofits like the Glimmer of Hope Foundation have influenced for the better. Should you know anyone who could benefit from this wonderful gift, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Ashley using the information provided in this article. 

Whether you’re contemplating booking Ashley Richer Photography for baby pictures, family photos, engagements, seasonal snapshots, weddings, event photography, or her new children’s birthday parties which allow kids a choice of backdrop and costume of their choice for their photographic birthday bash, rest assured Ashley has your needs covered.

With such kindness and purpose, and with an instinct to celebrate people, it’s no wonder Ashley has been so successful in touching the hearts of those around her. Whether photographing a wedding or school event or working with newborns or models it is Ashley’s passion for photography coupled with her love of people and life that ends up being her true superpower. One which allows the people whose lives she touches to transcend the difficulties they’re going through even if for only a moment. The result is that now North Kingstown is lucky enough to have a Superhero on Post Road! 

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Phone: 401-447-4259
6188 Post Road


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