North Kingstown Sewers Development

Targeted Areas

North Kingstown is upgrading its wastewater system by installing sewers in targeted areas. In 2013, a sewer line was installed in southern Post Road (south of Quonset and Route 403). On June 17, 2014 North Kingstown voters passed 2 referenda by an overwhelming majority (86%) to expand sewer service to northern Post Road (north of Quonset and Route 403) and also Wickford Village's commercial properties. On May 23rd, 2016, the Town Council approved a specific plan for Wickford (W4A); in February, 2017, the Council approved the extension of the sewer line along West Main Street up to Post Road. The installation of sewer in Wickford is predominately complete as of November 1st 2018; users are now in the process of connecting.


Cost will be born by users only; residents in the sewer district have the option to tie into the system.