Post Road Business Spotlight

The Post Road has a long and storied history dating back to Benjamin Franklin and the Native Americans who created and utilized the Pequot Path before him. Established by Mr. Franklin as a mail route serving the 13 colonies, this road, and the post offices along it formed the backbone of the United States at the time and allowed for a system of communication across the vast territory that the 13 colonies comprised.

By the late 18th century North Kingstown’s portion of the road had become quite rural, it was not until 1939, and the advent of the Quonset/Davisville military complex that Post Road would see renewed interest as a commercial center supporting the Quonset military installation and its servicemembers. Following the military’s closure of Quonset Point as a Naval base in the 70’s, Post Road’s nature changed once more, this time from the base’s supporting infrastructure to the bustling business hub the Town of North Kingstown, and its unique businesses have come to know and enjoy today!

Post Road is home to many fantastic businesses and business owners! From large scale global chains, to small, local, and family-owned small businesses, North Kingstown’s 10 mile stretch of the Post Road has something for everyone. Here it is our aim to highlight these important members of the North Kingstown community by listening to their stories, learning a little more about their spaces, and exploring their passions and reasons for locating in our wonderful town! 

To this end this page is created to explore and highlight our various Post Road businesses on a rotational basis every month. 

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Post Road Business Spotlight of the Month!

West Passage Logo (2023)

West Passage Brewing Company


This month’s spotlight featuring West Passage Brewing Company explores the vision and character it takes to open a successful brewpub here in North Kingstown!

Comprised of an incredibly close-knit team, this brewpub is the realization of delicious brews, and a vision of what the brewpub experience should be according to husband-and-wife owners Scott and Cheryl. From delicious brews, which include seasonal rotations, to delicious food, made from scratch, including a new weekend breakfast menu, it's plain to see why West Passage has become such a destination location in North Kingstown, and on the Post Road! So, click below to discover what all the talk is about or to discover your next trivia night spot! 

For more information about what inspired this passionate crew to call Post Road and our wonderful North Kingstown community home, click here!

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