Mattress / Box Spring Recycling Program

Mattress / Box Spring Recycling Program in RI

Recyclable mattresses/box springs have free disposal.  Mattress sellers are required to collect a recycling fee on a new mattress and box spring purchase. This fee is used to pay for the transportation and recycling of mattresses. This program diverts "recyclable" mattresses and box springs from the landfill and allows materials like fiber, foam, steel and wood to be recycled. A fee may be charged for "premium services," when offered. Only mattress and box springs from Rhode Island sources are accepted in the program and mattresses must be dry.

At the North Kingstown Transfer Station

Limit of 2 units per day from North Kingstown residents only are accepted; proof of residency required.

Businesses and organizations may not drop-off at any municipal collection site. Regardless of load size or quantity, RI based businesses or organizations must register with the Mattress Recycling Council to receive no cost recycling. Registered participants will receive scheduling and delivery information for direct delivery to a RI mattress recycler. To register with the Mattress Recycling Council contact Dan McGowan, Northeast Program Coordinator at or 860-830-3832.

Mattresses Not Accepted as Recyclable Are

  • Severely damaged, wet, twisted, frozen or soiled mattresses or box springs
  • Items infested with bed bugs
  • Mattress pads or toppers
  • Sleeping bags
  • Pillows
  • Car beds
  • Juvenile product padding/mattress for carriages, basinets, dressing tables, infant carriers, strollers, playpens
  • Crib bumpers
  • Lounge pads/futon mattresses
  • Water beds or camping-style air mattresses
  • Fold-out sofa beds

Mattresses that are non-recyclable will have a $70 disposal fee. Residents are asked to stop at the scale house for inspection prior to dropping off at container site.