Fee Schedule

  • All residential trash (non-recyclable items) shall be placed in plastic bags and be no heavier than 35 pounds.
  • The recommended plastic bag size is to be no larger than 34 gallons in size and must have one Town tag adhered to the neck of the bag.
  • Tags will be sold by the sheet with five stickers per sheet at a cost of $15 per sheet.
    Tags can also be purchased at the Town Clerks Department located at 100 Fairway Drive.

$3 per bag - Residential Household Waste

$0.15/pound ($15 minimum charge per load) - Metal, Brush, Wood Waste, Demolition Material, Appliances (excluding appliances with refrigerants) and bulky items that will not fit in a 34-gallon plastic bag or are in bags without a North Kingstown Town Tag)

$15 per unit - Appliances with Refrigerants (i.e. freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, de-humidifiers)

No Charge - Residential Leaves and Grass Clippings

Tire disposal:
$8 - Car tires
$25 - Tractor Trailer
$35 - Small Farm Tractor
$80 - Large Farm Tractor
$420 - Loader Tires

$5 - Propane Tank Disposal

$5 - Miscellaneous Scale Use

$70 per unit - Non-Recyclable Mattresses or Box Springs
Note: For recyclable mattresses, call the Transfer Station first for availability – the container fills up quickly!

No Charge - Bottles, Cans, Recyclable Plastics Cardboard, Newspapers, Magazines, and Recyclable Mixed Paper, Used Clothing and Shoes, Christmas Trees (seasonal)

Motor Oil:
$1 per gallon if less than 10 gallons.
$2 per gallon if more than 10 gallons.

$6 - Large Batteries from cars, motorcycles, boats, trucks, lawn mowers, etc.

$75 - 96-gallon Recycle Cart (also applies to additional or replacement recycling cart)

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