Marine Operations

North Kingstown Marine 5 2014s

The town of North Kingstown has 14.7 square miles of open water located on the Narragansett Bay with approximately 30 miles of coastline. The coastline consists of inlets, coves, harbors, and most importantly the Port Of Davisville. The Port of Davisville offers 4,500 linear feet of berthing space, consisting of two piers (each 1,200 feet in length).  Narragansett Bay plays a major role in both business and recreational usage.  The North Kingstown Fire Department is committed to rendering services for EMS, fire suppression, rescue operations, and other emergency situations that may arise in our district waters.  We also render these same services to surrounding communities that may request mutual aid in support of their emergency operations.  North Kingstown’s Marine units are utilized in conjunction with the U.S. Coast Guard and the Narragansett Bay Marine Task Force. 

North Kingstown Fire Department has two assets for operations on Narragansett Bay, Wickford Harbor, Allens Harbor, and the lakes and ponds in North Kingstown. "Marine 2" is a 10ft. Zodiac hard bottom inflatable for lakes and ponds or flooding during storms.  This unit is housed on a trailer at Station 1.  Our second asset, "Marine 5",  is a 38ft Moose Boat catamaran. The Moose boat Model M2 is an 860hp. jet boat that is designed for search and rescue. The boat is equipped with radar, side-scan sonar, and FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) cameras. On the firefighting side, it has foam capability (30gal.) and capable of 1250 GPM through two-deck monitors. Marine 5 is located at the town dock located at the end of Main Street. This unit is a year-round operational asset that is ready to respond.  

The North Kingstown Fire Dept utilizes highly trained, on-shift personnel to staff the marine units for calls. North Kingstown Fire Department members must train in three-tier level courses in order to be utilized for marine operations.  Courses consist of deck-hand, navigator, and boat operator. These members are dispatched to the boat for response in districted areas on the bay. In the last four years, the boat has been on many operations from bridge jumpers to boat fires and search and rescues and has performed outstandingly.  

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