How do I apply for a permit?
  1. Submit a completed permit application through the State of RI E-Permitting system.  Paper applications are no longer accepted.
  2. North Kingstown's link can be found under the Residents and Business tabs of our website and at choosing North Kingstown.
  3. Submit a site plan showing the location of the building on the lot with setbacks to all property boundaries, septic system, water line, and other structures located on the property.
  4. For commercial projects submit 3 copies of construction plans drawn to scale, including elevations, floor plans, cross section with typical frame details, foundation, plumbing, electrical and smoke detector locations. For residential projects electronic plans generally can be submitted through the North Kingstown permit portal.
  5. When applicable, submit originals of all approvals from federal, state or local government agencies such as Army Corp of Engineers, DOT, OWTS, CRMC, Wetlands, HDC (Historic District Commission), etc.
  6. When applicable, submit a stamped flood elevation certificate.

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