Why is a Revaluation needed?

The cities and town of Rhode Island have continued to grow. Since an increase in population, translates into an increase in the demand for housing and other municipal paid services such as, schools, police, fire, waste disposal, and snow removal it is essential that property values be kept correct. The State of Rhode Island requires that cities and town perform a Revaluation so that all properties can be brought to current market value and contribute an equitable portion of the total tax burden.

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1. What is a Revaluation?
2. Why is a Revaluation needed?
3. What happens during a Revaluation?
4. What is an informal hearing?
5. If I disagree with my assessment after a hearing, what are my options?
6. What is market value and who determines my property value?
7. What qualifications do the appraisers have?
8. Why did my land value increase so much?
9. Will a Revaluation increase taxes?