Embodied Living Counseling, LLC

1130 Ten Rod Rd, Suite 104C, North Kingstown

Counselors will hold voluntary after-school Life Skills Group Sessions at schools for students for 6-week periods on a rotating schedule through most North Kingstown schools to ensure licensed mental health counselors are available to those students who will benefit from their services. Topics for discussion will include: social skill development; building self-confidence; learning coping skills for anxiety; practicing time management and organizational skills; making new friends, and more. 

Healthy snacks in accordance with the RI Standards for Afterschool Program Quality Standards will be maintained, and transportation will be provided through a partnership with the Department of Recreation. 

These sessions will be offered at no cost to the student or their families and may include the offer of up to two follow-up individual sessions with Embodied Living Counseling LLC counselors if needed or recommended by group session staff. Non-identifying pre- and post-session questionnaires will be given to students to gauge the session’s impacts, participation rates, and tracking of general student demographics and attributes. At no time will individual achievement, medical or otherwise, be solicited or shared because of a student’s participation in these programs. The North Kingstown Department of Recreation’s Busing Waiver is required if opting-in to transportation services. Group sessions will be held at schools and facilitated by a counselor from Embodied Living Counseling, LLC weekly according to this schedule:

Session 1:

  • Quidnesset Elementary: Mondays/3:15-4:00pm, Oct 30 – Dec 11 FLYER
  • Davisville Middle School: Wednesdays/2:30-3:15pm, Nov 1 – Dec 13 FLYER

Session 2: January 8 – February 12, 2024

  • Hamilton Elementary School: Mondays/3:45-4:00pm
  • Wickford Middle School: Wednesdays/2:30-3:15pm

Session 3: February 26 – April 12, 2024

  • North Kingstown High School: Mondays/1:45-2:30pm
  • Fishing Cove Elementary School: Wednesdays/3:00-3:45pm

Session 4: April 22 – May 27, 2024

  • Forest Park Elementary School: Mondays/3:40-4:10pm
  • Stony Lane Elementary School: Wednesdays/3:45-4:15pm

To contact Embodied Living Counseling, LLC regarding LEARN365RI programming, email licensed mental health counselor and program lead, Kaylee Dalaba. North Kingstown Parents: If your child's school is not listed above, there may still be an opportunity for your child to participate in the sessions listed. Please contact Kaylee for more information.

About Kaylee Dalaba/Dance & Movement Therapist, Primary School-Based Clinician, RI Indepdendently Licensed Clinician (MS, LMHC, Registered Dance & Movement Therapist, Reiki Practitioner Level I):

Kaylee is a licensed mental health counselor and registered dance/movement therapist with 10 years of experience working in the mental health field through college practicums, internships, and professional employment. Kaylee has experience working with several populations, including: adults with dementia in nursing facilities, neurodivergent children in early learning centers, and adolescents and adults in inpatient and outpatient psychiatric facilities. Kaylee’s approach is best described as “eclectic, somatic, and person-centered” as she believes that therapy should not be a “one size fits all” experience. Kaylee utilizes a combination of expressive arts therapies, EMDR, mindfulness, humor, and traditional forms of talk therapy to meet each client where they are at. Kaylee completed a Master of Science degree in dance/movement therapy and continues to implement evidence-based movement analysis principles in her current work. Kaylee is trained in EMDR, as well as trained at a master level in Usui Holy Fire Reiki. She is also the primary clinician in our school-based collaboration with North Kingstown School District, providing therapeutic services to students within school hours. Kaylee is an accepting, uplifting, and creative clinician who is open to working with all populations and age groups, though her therapeutic style tends to connect more with children, adolescents, young adults, clients seeking alternative ways of processing trauma, and those with neurodivergent minds. Recently, Kaylee has been particularly enjoying welcoming an increasing number of young adults into her scope of practice as she continues expanding on her somatic work.