K-9 Unit

The North Kingstown Police Department's K-9 Unit consists of a specially trained dog (K-9) and a specially trained K-9 Handler. 

K-9 Roko is an 18-month old Belgian Malinois, and his Handler, Officer John Barker, is an experienced officer with over 33 years of service. Both Roko and Officer Barker have undergone rigorous training are both Nationally certified through the American Police Canine Association. 

The K-9 Unit is established for purposes of providing the following police services on a 24-hour basis:

  • Apprehension of criminal suspects
  • Track suspects or lost persons
  • Locate evidence of a criminal or non-criminal nature
  • Conduct building searches
  • Narcotics/other drug searches
  • Area searches for criminal suspects
  • Protect other from serious injury or death
  • Public Relations activities

Meet K-9 Roko and Officer John Barker


Images Courtesy of Officer Ryan Morgan, 6044portraits