Making Water Visible

North Kingstown Surface Water Systems

The Town of North Kingstown is blessed with abundant water resources, both on the surface and underground. The surface water systems, identified as the Hunts River, the Annaquatucket River, and Pettaquamscutt River are intimately connected to the groundwater beneath them. 

Our Drinking Water Source

It is from this groundwater, collectively know as the Hunt-Annaquatucket-Pettaquamscutt aquifer, or more simply the HAP, that we draw our drinking water. 

Good Stewardship

The HAP, after careful study, has been designated, as a sole source aquifer. This designation indicates that we here in North Kingstown have no other reliable drinking water source available. We must protect the HAP and practice the good stewardship necessary to preserve its pristine water quality. 

Planning for the Future

A critical prerequisite for this important stewardship is that we all understand the details of what we have and what we need to do to insure that we have abundant and safe drinking water now and into the future. 

Joint Collaboration

This "Making Water Visible" page is a collaboration between the Water Department Staff and the citizen-based North Kingstown Groundwater Committee. 

Purpose of "Making Water Visible" web page

This page provides links to reports and FAQ's with all the information necessary for the citizens of the community to understand the truth about the HAP:

  • What the HAP is
  • What we now do
  • What we should do in the future to preserve and protect the HAP

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